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(Adopted July 1, 2007)


1 – This Becket Woods Construction Checklist, signed by the Lot owner, together with the non-refundable fee and the escrow deposit must be submitted to the Architectural Committee.

2 – A successful percolation test with indication of the placement of a septic system must be completed, along with a site plan.

3 – A survey is to be completed and flagged: 50 foot setbacks flagged; and the proposed
location of the house and other buildings staked.

4 – Plans are to be submitted to and approved by the Becket Woods Architectural

  • The lot may not be cleared of trees, shrubs and/or woody undergrowth within 50 feet of the lot perimeter, except for a driveway.
  • No structure or septic system may be built within this 50 foot setback.
  • Clearing of trees shrubs and/or woody undergrowth shall be no more than 10 times the ground floor footprint of the house.
  • The perimeter of the area of trees is to be delineated with a rope or tape clearly marking the trees to be removed and approved by the committee.
  • The house shall not exceed two and one-half stories in height, or 34 feet.
  • All lot dimensions, and all setbacks shall be in conformity with the applicable provisions of the zoning bylaws of the Town of Becket and in accordance with BWCA rules.
  • The floor size of a house should contain not less than 1500 square feet of interior (heated) living space above grade. (i.e. excluding the basement, screened porches, etc.,). However, if a house contains a walk-out finished basement, the square footage of the finished portion of the basement may be included in the calculation. In such event, the size of the house, including the finished portion of the basement should contain not less than 1800 square feet , including not less than 1200 square feet of interior living space above grade.
  • The proposed color of the house and structures, along with its outside covering shall be submitted as part of the plans. Colors and siding shall be
  • consistent with the surroundings. (I.e.: earth tones, natural wood)
  • No excavation of stone, gravel, sand, or earth shall be made on any lot except for the purpose of building basements or cellars of dwelling houses, swimming pools, septic tanks, leaching fields, wells and underground fuel tanks or grading, provided any such permissible excavation shall have been first approved by the Committee.
  • Any above ground storage tank shall be screened or located so as not to be visible from any point on adjacent lots or roads
  • No live trees in excess of six(6) inches in density at the base shall be removed without prior authorization by the Committee.

5 – Driveway Placement

  • No less than 50 feet from the property line
  • No more than 20 feet wide
  • A minimum of 75 ft. in length set back from the road. (curved if possible) Buildings (including any free-standing garage, etc.,) should be situated not less than 100 feet, and where feasible 150 feet from any property line fronting on a community or public road or community trail, and not less than 50 feet from any other property line.

6 – The well may be dug subject to driveway approval and consistent with the Town of Becket Building Code.

7 – The footprint of the house must be staked on the ground, consistent with the
approved plans for committee approval.

8 – Once construction is commenced, the exterior shall be in a completed state
within six months of commencement.

9 – The homeowner acknowledges that they shall be responsible for notifying the
Architectural Committee when they are ready for each inspection listed on the Schedule of Inspections.

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