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Building Requirements 7/1/2007 
BecketWoods Construction Checklist 7/1/2007
BW Schedule of Inspections 7/1/2007


(Adopted 7/1/2007)


Dwelling Size. The overall size of a house should be not less than1500 SF of interior (heated) living space above grade, ( i.e. excluding the basement, screened porches, etc.,). However, if a house contains a walkout, or finished basement, the square footage of the finished portion of the basement may be included in the calculation. In such event, the size of the house, including the finished portion of the basement should contain not less than 1800 SF including not less than 1200 SF of interior living space above grade.

Siding. Siding should be of natural materials (wood, stone, brick, etc.,). Vinyl and other fabricated material siding will be especially reviewed and considered on a house-by-house basis due to the varied materials in use.

Set-back. Siding should be of natural materials (wood, stone, brick, etc.,). Vinyl and other fabricated material siding will be especially reviewed and considered on a house-by-house basis due to the varied materials in use.

Greenbelt. Mature trees and healthy younger trees should be preserved over a “greenbelt” of not less than 50 feet deep inside the entire perimeter of each building lot. Driveway, decks, septic systems and everything else requiring tree removal should not be built on the greenbelt unless it be a driveway, which must cross the “greenbelt” for access to an adjacent community or public road.

Driveways. Driveways should be curved rather than straight to better conceal houses and parking areas.

Height. Buildings should not extend more than 34 feet above grade to the highest roof point, and shall not exceed 2 1/2 stories.

Restrictive Covenants and Zoning Requirements of the Community Associations and the zoning requirements and other applicable laws of the Town of Becket must be followed. Be sure to review them carefully. The Association generally opposes applications for zoning variances with respect to the use of properties in Becket Woods.

Deposit. A refundable construction deposit of the lesser of $4.00 per square foot or $10,000.00, must be provided to the Becket Woods Association prior to the commencement of any work done on site. The property owner will still remain responsible for damage/repairs in excess of the deposit. The deposit or the unapplied portion will be refunded after construction is completed.

Road Damage. Construction should be planned and implemented in such a manner that will not damage Community roads or property. Heavy construction vehicles may not use the roads during the wet season (usually March 1 – April 15). Driveways should be built in a manner, which will not result in erosion to roads. Methods of construction should be utilized which do not impose unusually heavy weights or oversize loads on the roads or otherwise increase the likelihood of road or tree damage. Heavy construction machinery such as “skidders” may not be driven on the road when it can be transported by trailer.

Builders and Building Methods. Construction work should be performed by a reliable builder and in a reliable manner. Modular housing (substantially built off-site and delivered in sections) must be reviewed by the Architectural Committee before building commences. Building crews must respect the speed limits on all community roads. Roads should be kept free of construction equipment, and all vehicles and materials must be kept inside the building lot. Homeowners shall receive a copy of the Associations basic rules, which shall be distributed to their contractor.

Inspection. Designated Representative(s)s of the Association are permitted to inspect a property site during the course of construction in order to assure compliance with community standards and the plans and specifications as approved by the Association. It is strongly recommended that a careful review of the Community bylaws and especially the protective covenants be made to assure a satisfying building experience and result.

Construction Fee. A non-refundable $500.00 fee must be provided to the Community Association prior to the commencement of construction.

These, and other standards have been applied for many years. As circumstances and experience have dictated, these standards have, and will change from time to time. We reserve the right to disapprove of any building, which is patently unsightly or otherwise inappropriate to the community. While this list may be helpful in planning for the use of a property, it does not replace the requirement that building plans be submitted for review and approval prior to the commencement of construction.

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