A Short History of Becket Woods

A Short History of Becket Woods – 1971 to 2004
(Community Association to Road District)

Robert Hamilton developed Becket Woods in 1971. Until April 2001, the Becket Woods Community Association, Inc., pursuant to the Becket Woods Restrictive Covenant (to which all of Becket Woods lots were subject) collected dues from all lot owners, which funded the Becket Woods budget.

In April 2001, the Becket Woods Restrictive Covenant expired and the Becket Woods Road & Maintenance District was created by Special Legislation. Under this legislation the Town of Becket collects a District Assessment, which is paid over to the District Treasurer, which funds the Becket Woods budget.

Also in April 2001, the new Becket Woods Restated Declaration of Protective Covenants became effective. The Protective Covenants contains similar use restrictions as the old covenants and act in the same manner as the old to protect the character and value of the Becket Woods Community. The biggest difference between the old and new Covenant is that only those lots that have been signed on to the new Covenant are subject to them. However, a Becket Woods lot does not need to have been signed on to the new Covenant to be liable for the District Assessment. The District and new Covenant are completely independent.

Becket Woods offers the following amenities, which are supported by the budget:

  • Swimming Pond
  • Four tennis courts
  • Basketball court
  • Play structure
  • Gardens
  • Hiking Trails
  • Yearly Community BBQ (following the Annual Meeting)
  • Private road system
  • Community land and ponds

Since its creation, Becket Woods has thrived because of the involvement of its Members. The Prudential Committee is composed of Becket Woods owners, and its various subcommittees always have openings for owners who are interested in helping the community prosper and grow. The most important way a Becket Woods owner can be involved is participation in the Annual Meeting, either in person or by proxy. At the Annual Meeting the District Clerk and members of the Prudential Committee are elected and important decisions are made which affect every lot owner in Becket Woods.

You should never hesitate to contact the District Clerk or any one of the members of the Prudential Committee if you have an interest in becoming involved in the workings of Becket Woods and should never forget to be represented at the Annual Meeting, which is held on the Saturday within the observed Independence Day, July Fourth weekend each year.

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